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Best SEO friendly website builder


When it comes to the SEO part for any websites, then it's the right time to think about it. because every business is wanting to get more revenue and generating maximum customers, and the customers nowadays don't look to a telephone directory or else to reach you, instead of that they use search engine platforms to find what they need. So, In order to get profits for your organization, then it is essential to optimize your website to rank on the search engine result page.
A good SEO friendly website builder can help you to do these things, it is allowing to implement a bunch of SEO features that will increase the visibility of your site, the few important aspects you can do using an SEO friendly website builder such as page title, headings, body text, URL, images name & alt attribute, link structure, meta description, robots.txt, sitemap update, and also integrate your website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.