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Website Design Platform: Create Your Own Website




Designing a website with a website builder is not a difficult task. with the right website design software, you will enable to create a good looking website, PageWyze website design platform is one of them. it offers to every user to create and manage multiple websites.
So, build your first website with our website design platform, where anyone can join and create an amazing website. if you are experienced with a website builder then it is a very good platform to build a website, it's providing complete freedom of designing from any device, and you will be able to edit the code (HTML, CSS, Java). rather if you are a beginner about website design, I would say choose this platform because it is an extra benefited builder software except for another builder software, it has a learning platform whereas you can learn website design step by step and instant implement with our builder software as it has been providing the free subdomain to build a website.

Make Quick Decisions For Website Using Analytics Tool


I hope, you are familiar with a website analytics software to grow your business, as we know that analytics software allows the user to monitor the entire website's performance and providing insight reports. unfortunately, most of the business is really on google analytics software. yes! it is the most widely used web analytics tool online and it is a free subscription. but there are lots of website analytics software available in the market, PageWyze website analytics software is one of them, it is the most affordable analytics tool. Google Analytics is free but it has some limitations that have been allowed you to visible your website. PageWyze is providing all accesses to users like the single dashboard, world-class visual analytics, easy AB testing, and user recordings, full sight data, snapshots, goal tracking, page views, clicks, etc, whereas it will help you take the quick and right decision for your online site.     

Best code editor design tool for web developers


If you are looking to build a website yourself, no matter! whether you are a web developer genius or beginner. you may design an awesome website with the help of coding. there is such code editor design tool available in the market, here you can build a website with a basic understanding of code. this tool helps you to fix the mistake and implement all types of code(HTML, CSS, Java), as well as you can modify your existing website code.
It is completely free to download but if you want extra features then you would pay some subscription fee, you will get the entire access where you can manage multi-site together, and build a website with a team collaboration from any location.

Best SEO friendly website builder


When it comes to the SEO part for any websites, then it's the right time to think about it. because every business is wanting to get more revenue and generating maximum customers, and the customers nowadays don't look to a telephone directory or else to reach you, instead of that they use search engine platforms to find what they need. So, In order to get profits for your organization, then it is essential to optimize your website to rank on the search engine result page.
A good SEO friendly website builder can help you to do these things, it is allowing to implement a bunch of SEO features that will increase the visibility of your site, the few important aspects you can do using an SEO friendly website builder such as page title, headings, body text, URL, images name & alt attribute, link structure, meta description, robots.txt, sitemap update, and also integrate your website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Build an awesome website using code instead of drag & drop


Nowadays, technology has been growing rapidly and it has made the possibility to build a website on various types of platforms. there are lots of website builders are available in the online market, where you can build a website with the help of drag & drop solutions. it is best for those who don't know about coding(HTML, CSS, Java) and also it can help merely to create a simple website.
if you are a web developer then you will be want to implement the coding and create an awesome website. PageWyze is such a code design tool, where you can easily build a website using the code. it is a newly launched for experienced and beginners of web developers, which allows building a website with the help of coding and learn about coding from its own learning platform.
PageWyze lets you build multiple websites from a single platform, even it is providing the subdomain as free which helps a lot to beginners and they can instantly build a website after learning the code.

2019 Easy Web Design Software - Free Download!


In the old days, it was difficult to design a website easily and quickly as it should have been long coding and was not web design software. but the latest web design software now available in the market, which is PageWyze Software. it is one such easy web design software that allows everyone to design multiple websites together. most of the small or large business is using this software which has been helping them to manage multiple websites. to save your time and many, you can download PageWyze software as free and start to build your website. it is a great way for users who are skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript, for it is supporting to design website with the help of coding.
Although you are experienced or beginner about website design yet the PageWyze software will help you to design your website with a learning platform, even it is offering the subdomain to be a good web developer where you can freely take subdomain and design a website instantly.

How To Manage Multiple Websites - Learn The Easy Way

PageWyze is designed to manage multiple websites from a single location. Go ahead and learn how to manage multiple websites in a few simple steps. You can manage multiple websites in PageWyze. Each website has its own space and interface and you can create as many websites as you like and still be able to manage each of them with ease.
You do not need to create all the websites to manage them. You could be included in the website team of other websites that you have not created. All of these websites will appear for you in the main listing and you can choose the one among them that you would like to review and update.

Learn How To Add Notes For A Documentation

PageWyze is providing to add notes on documentation, where you can keep your thoughts, ideas, plan, and discussions with your team members. Notes in PageWyze are a useful way to keep all your ideas, plans and discussions about your website alongside and handy to refer to. Notes can be added by any of the team members for a website and can be for the website as a whole or for individual pages, components, and files. Notes are permanent until deleted.

Notes are a useful way to document your strategy, planning, ideas and discussions for the website. They serve are helpful references during the stages of design, coding, editing and quality checks. Notes can be a useful way for team members to write their progress and ask questions for which answers could be within the notes.

Learn How To Manage Tasks With Task Scheduler

To manage your everyday task or team member task needs a task scheduler, our pagewyze will show you all the steps on how you can create a scheduled task.

Easy Website Maker App For Android, Windows, IOS


In today, technology has grown rapidly as well as the users of the technical device are growing all over the world. using the website maker app you can create or manage your website but the latest website maker app has made the possibility to create or manage your website on any digital devices like Andriod, Windows, IOS.
One of the easy website maker apps is PageWyze, which offers you the capabilities to design your website from any device. it is a totally mobile, laptop, and desktop user-friendly application where you can easily set up the code and awesome design your website. moreover, this application allows you to do anything about the website design from the mobile, tablet, etc without opening your computer. PageWyze has numerous advantages where you will more agile compared to others.

Website Analytics Software | Web Traffic Analytics Tool

Statistical website analytics software to deliver real-time website performance reports and insights, to enable higher search ranking and greater traffic to your websites.

SEO Optimized Website Builder | Easy SEO Management Tool

Our SEO optimized website builder helps you to optimize your entire website, where every search engine platform can identify and categorize each web page.

Complete Website Development Platform | PageWyze

PageWyze is a complete Website Development Platform and The PageWyze offers a special package for all kinds of platform to support a developing, designing and managing an entire website

Digital Publishing Platform | Online Publishing Software

PageWyze is the latest in Digital Publishing Platform enabling direct publishing of your online content to the web, fulfilling your online publishing requirement. PageWyze is a complete digital publishing platform for your website. It is self-contained and integrated so all the tasks that you need to create and publish your website are provided in the same app. The availability of so many tools and features in the same app makes PageWyze a preferred choice for website owners and designers worldwide.

All-in-one solution for website management


A website management platform is an integrated set of tools where the team members can build, lunch, and manage websites. the all in one solution is a big platform which allows the administrators to create or manage a website with the extra-large functions. PageWyze is such a web management platform, where you can add multiple websites and work together, it is basically designed to be simple or versatile, the different team members(web developer, graphics designer, digital marketer) can join in one platform and work on their skills to build a website. PageWyze offers all the tools such as CMS platform, SEO optimization, coding, analytics, publication, scheduler, team collaboration, notes, etc that you could maintain an entire website from a single platform. it is a free subscription tool and providing the subdomain(www.example.pagewyze.com) to create a website whereas you could be a perfect web developer through practices. it is very helpful for small or big businesses to maintain their websites because only PageWyze is providing to work on multiple websites.

PageWyze: Multiple Website Management System

Comprehensive Website management system and collaboration platform, for stress-free building and management of multiple websites. You can make websites from simple one-pagers to large and detailed websites with many sections. PageWyze helps you create these websites easily and quickly. You can do these by yourself or collaborate with a team.
Use the features and data to create websites that are responsive, optimized and attractive. List your website in search engines with SEO details included in your pages.